Belle – This Girl is on Fire

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29 Year old Belle is just what it says on the tin…………… naughty through and through! One look at this sensational Manchester escort and you can hear the sirens wailing, the naughty girl police are on the lookout and Belle is the number one suspect! She looks raunchy, her love of red and black lingerie above all others is a sure indicator that this girl means business; if there is a little PVC thrown in that only adds to the spice for Belle!!!

Chili hot and temperature rising

What does Belle like to get up to? Well she is open to suggestions and as long as it’s legal she is likely to say yes!! When it comes to ratings amongst the Manchester escorts Belle is hitting the top spot in the HOT rating as she certainly knows how to deliver. She likes her clients to share all of their fantasies with her and as an experienced escort she is able to sort out the perfect solution to your dreams and wicked wishes. As we mentioned before rubber and PVC are included in her wardrobe and her little bag of escort toys holds all sorts of incentives for a wilder and wilder time. This sensational brunette has a broad outlook on love – so sexy fun and pleasure giving are all on the menu.

Her commitment to satisfaction

When it comes to loving her work it could be said that Belle is simply dedicated, she loves to find what makes her gentlemen tick and then she knows exactly how to go about taking that steady tick on towards a full blown explosion. She is a little lady who has found her true vocation in life and bringing the love to guys across the North West is not a bad choice when it comes to job titles. When Belle decided to look for a Manchester escorts job and then went on to become a Manchester escort she was truly inspired.

She’s a fantastic mover and shaker

With such a cute derriere, sexy little Belle has a body that you will want to take into your arms and then consume her inch by inch. Perfectly proportioned she knows how to use the assets that nature has given her and she surely knows how to rock that booty! With her attitude of pleasure seeking and her ability to come up with the goods she is an escort made in heaven.

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